Evan’s first technology project ended in disaster. His family credits him with the demise of its Radio Shack TRS-80 computer.

Today Evan helps bridge the gap between people and technology, creating technology solutions for companies that improve customer experience, sales, and marketing. His keynote programs inspire companies to take a human-centric view of technology to create experiences that drive customer loyalty, advocacy and ultimately the bottom line.

evan’s most popular KEYNOTE

Relationship, Responsiveness, Readiness: Connecting with Today’s Consumers

Journey through compelling examples of great companies, who have successfully balanced high-tech and high-touch to drive customer loyalty and advocacy.

Today’s connected customers expect every company to understand their individual needs and be more responsive than ever. No industry is immune to the increasing curve of customer expectations and the imperative to keep up with the latest technology. This talk illuminates how technology will give you a competitive advantage by driving frictionless commerce, customer loyalty, and word of mouth.

Learn To:

  • Successfully navigate high-tech vs. high-touch decisions

  • Unlock increased loyalty with customer-focused technology

  • Leverage technology to build customer relationships and improve responsiveness

  • Find the “Win-Win-Win” to create technology interactions that are better for your team, your customers, and ultimately your bottom line

Audience: General audience. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.


Customer Experience: Your Unfair Competitive Advantage

Today’s customers demand a world-class customer experience. Organizations that choose to exceed ever-increasing customer expectations will have a strong competitive advantage. Creating change, however, is an uphill battle and not knowing how to start can stop even the best companies from moving forward. That ends here.

Evan will give you a practical, hands-on approach to designing experiences and will leave you with the tools to implement them in your organization.

Learn to:

  • Identify opportunities for innovation

  • Achieve buy-in from key stakeholders

  • Create an action-oriented plan for success

Audience: General audience. Introductory level. Inspirational and informative.


Digital Assets: Your Secret Weapon to Deepen Client Relationships

For years, trust, estate and wealth management professionals have known a client’s passing is often the end of their engagement. Research tells us your client’s spouse or children are likely to transfer their assets elsewhere. But what if you had a way to provide them more value during their time of need? One great way to do so is helping them with their other assets, their often overlooked digital ones.

Blogs, Facebook, E-mail, PayPal—You work with digital property every day, yet when considering a client’s assets, you might not see the financial and emotional value these digital properties have. Increasingly your clients must understand and plan for their digital assets as a part of their greater financial planning process. In fact, laws are presently emerging to help govern the disposition of digital assets and various companies have created procedures for dealing with them.

Evan Carroll, author of Your Digital Afterlife and world-leading expert on digital assets, will help you add value for your clients by adding digital estate planning to your company’s toolbox. During the session, we will discuss the complexities of these new digital assets, the current legal landscape and the best ways to manage them for your clients. You’ll leave with one more service that will help you provide more value to your clients and their families.

Audience: Trust, estate planning, and wealth management professionals. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.