Workshop programs can be customized to fit your schedule. At least four hours is preferred.

What’s Your Blue Goldfish?

Technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to improve your customer experience. Companies who use data, technology and analytics to focus on their customers have a strong competitive advantage. Creating change, however, is an uphill battle and not knowing how to start can stop even the best companies from moving forward. That ends here.

In this workshop Blue Goldfish author Evan Carroll will reveal the ways companies are using technology to improve customer experience and leave you with the tools to implement technology-enabled customer experience programs in your company. After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the opportunities for innovation in your company
  • Achieve buy-in from key stakeholders
  • Create an action-oriented plan for success
  • Deploy customer experience programs effectively across your entire organization

Throughout the day, Evan will provide inspirational case studies, real-world design exercises and a process you can use to proliferate Blue Goldfish Thinking throughout your organization. You’ll leave prepared and inspired to create real change for your customers and your business.

Audience: General audience. Intermediate level. Educational.

Estate Planning for Digital Assets

As clients increasingly live their lives online and new laws develop surrounding digital assets, trust, estate and wealth management professionals have a new responsibility to their clients. Are you one of the leading professionals who advise your clients about digital estate planning? If not, this workshop will give you all of the background, training and tools to become one.

Evan Carroll, author of Your Digital Afterlife and world-leading expert on digital assets, will help you add value for your clients by adding digital estate planning to your firm’s offerings. During the session you will learn:

  • How to identify and create plans for common types of digital assets
  • Nuances of current and pending legislation
  • Methods for incorporating digital assets into estate planning instruments
  • Tactics for how clients should organize and secure their digital assets
  • How current password and digital vault technology works

You’ll leave with a thorough understand of digital assets and one more service that will help you provide additional value to your clients and their families.

Audience: Trust, estate planning and wealth management professionals. Intermediate to advanced level. Educational.

Note: This session can be presented in conjunction with a licensed attorney for an additional fee. Outline is available upon request for CLE evaluation.