Keynote Programs

Technology, Customer Experience, and Marketing Keynotes

Evan’s first technology project ended in disaster. His family credits him with the demise of its Radio Shack TRS-80 computer. Today Evan helps bridge the gap between people and technology, creating technology solutions for companies that improve customer experience, sales, and marketing. His keynote programs inspire companies to take a human-centric view of technology to create experiences that drive customer loyalty, advocacy and ultimately the bottom line.

These are Evan’s current programs. Customized programs are also available.

What’s Next? Leveraging Emerging Technology Today for Profit Tomorrow

With today’s hyper-connected, on-demand consumers, there is no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed expectations or you fall short. This never-ending uphill battle can leave even the best companies stuck in neutral and not sure how to move forward. That ends here.

In this program, Evan Carroll, veteran technologist, IBM Futurist, and author, will break down emerging technologies into real ideas for business innovation.

During this interactive experience, Evan offers the audience multiple technologies to choose from and explores each with explanations, ideas and case studies—if they happen to exist yet. As a client, you can choose a set of topics in advance or allow your audience to choose in real-time. Frequently requested technologies include:

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain
  • Biometrics and Wearable Technology

At the end of the program, participants will leave with a full toolbox of strategies, tactics and practical advice to leverage emerging technology to drive tomorrow’s profits.

Audience: C-Suite audience. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.

Technology at Human Scale

Do you ever feel like your business is stuck in neutral? Growth is the holy grail of business today and many companies are turning to technology to reach more customers with fewer resources. More is the goal. More profits. More subscribers. More leads in the funnel. Bigger, so the establishment believes, is better.

But what if better were truly better? This keynote is a journey through compelling examples of great companies, including Amazon, Disney, and Facebook, who have embraced the idea that better is better. And the results? By creating better customer experiences, they’re seeing bigger rewards and happier customers.

Blue Goldfish author Evan Carroll will reveal the ways companies are using technology to improve customer experience and leave you with the tools—and the inspiration—to create lasting change in your company and ultimately improve the bottom line.

Audience: General audience. Intermediate level. Inspirational.

Big Data, Analytics, and Infosense: Using Technology to Drive Customer Loyalty and Advocacy

In customer experience, there is no such thing as meeting expectations. You either exceed expectations or you fall short. According to an IBM study, more than three out of four customers expect organizations to understand their individual needs. Some call this the Amazon Effect. calls this info-sense, which is using data to understand and meet the individual, personalized needs of your customer.

Jack Welch said there are two forms of competitive advantage: Learning more about your customers and putting it into action faster than your competition. Are you turning big data into useful data? Are you leveraging analytics to improve the customer journey?

Evan Carroll, co-author of Blue Goldfish, will uncover how companies are using data, analytics, and technology to create world-class customer experiences. You’ll leave with a full toolbox of strategies, tactics and practical advice to improve your customer experience and ultimately your bottom line.

Audience: General audience. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.

Digital Assets: Your Secret Weapon to Deepen Client Relationships

For years, trust, estate and wealth management professionals have known a client’s passing is often the end of their engagement. Research tells us your client’s spouse or children are likely to transfer their assets elsewhere. But what if you had a way to provide them more value during their time of need? One great way to do so is helping them with their other assets, their often overlooked digital ones.

Blogs, Facebook, E-mail, PayPal—You work with digital property every day, yet when considering a client’s assets, you might not see the financial and emotional value these digital properties have. Increasingly your clients must understand and plan for their digital assets as a part of their greater financial planning process. In fact, laws are presently emerging to help govern the disposition of digital assets and various companies have created procedures for dealing with them.

Evan Carroll, author of Your Digital Afterlife and world-leading expert on digital assets, will help you add value for your clients by adding digital estate planning to your company’s toolbox. During the session, we will discuss the complexities of these new digital assets, the current legal landscape and the best ways to manage them for your clients. You’ll leave with one more service that will help you provide more value to your clients and their families.

Audience: Trust, estate planning, and wealth management professionals. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.

Preserving Personal Legacy in the Digital Age

Almost without realizing it, we have shifted toward an all-digital culture. Future heirlooms like family photos, home movies, and personal letters now exist only in digital form, and in many cases, they are stored using popular services like Flickr, YouTube, and Gmail. These digital possessions form a rich collection that chronicles our lives and connects us to each other.

But have you considered what will happen to your treasured digital possessions when you die?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as certain as we might presume. There are numerous legal, cultural, and technical issues that could prevent access to these assets, and if you don’t take steps to make them available to your heirs, your digital legacy could be lost forever. Join Evan Carroll, author of Your Digital Afterlife, as he shares powerful stories of real people who have both lost and preserved their digital memories. You’ll leave inspired and informed of how to preserve digital memories for you and your clients.

Audience: Ideal for those interested in preserving personal digital memories, including archivists, organizers, and family historians. Intermediate level. Inspirational and informative.