Primarily a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Evan Carroll is also an award-winning event planner and knows what it takes to put on a remarkable event. He brings his event experience and his keynote speaker energy to the stage as a host or emcee for conferences, luncheons and networking events.

One way to get more out of your budget is to engage Evan as both a speaker and an emcee for your event. He’s often able to add emcee services to a speaking engagement without a significant increase in cost.

You may also want to showcase your executives and show how your company carries out the concepts Evan covers in his keynotes. By adding a fireside chat session with Evan and one of your executives following a keynote, you’re able to shine the light on your company and make a connection between your services and Evan’s inspirational content.

Evan Carroll as emcee for the AMA’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans before an audience of 1,500 students and faculty. Photo by Pierce Harman Photography.

What Speakers and Organizers Have to Say About Evan

Evan Carroll interviewing Target CMO Jeff Jones—now CEO of H&R Block—before an audience of 250 marketing professionals. Photo by Colin Dullaghan.

Investing in a professional emcee will add unparalleled polish to your next event. Interested in booking Evan as an event host or emcee? Drop us a line.