Evan Carroll is the author of two technology books, Your Digital Afterlife and Blue Goldfish. As a respected author, Evan’s work has been featured by The New York Times, CBS Sunday Morning, NPR’s Fresh Air, PBS Newshour and Popular Science.

BG-bookBlue Goldfish

Using Technology, Data, and Analytics to Drive Both Profits and Prophets
Blue Goldfish is the fourth book in the Purple Goldfish Series on customer experience. Based on over 300 examples, Blue Goldfish highlights companies who are using technology, data and analytics to improve customer loyalty and advocacy. The book challenges companies to think about the Three R’s: Relationship, Responsiveness, and Readiness as they roll out technology and big data initiatives.

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imageYour Digital Afterlife

When Facebook, Flickr and Twitter Are Your Estate, What’s Your Legacy?
Almost without realizing it, we have shifted toward an all-digital culture. Future heirlooms like family photos, home movies, and personal letters now exist only in digital form, and in many cases they are stored using popular services like Flickr, YouTube, and Gmail.

Your Digital Afterlife helps you secure your valuable digital assets for your loved ones and perhaps posterity. Whether you’re the casual email user or the hyper-connected digital dweller, you’ll come away with peace of mind knowing that your digital heirlooms won’t be lost in the shuffle.

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